Monday, October 19, 2009

Seek Therapy immediately....

Mom gave me life, the beach gives me sanity and Vodka keeps me from killing people.

Wow, Happy Monday readers,
Ok, that statement was highly contradictory. Mondays and happiness are not usually associated, and this one is no different. After spending a good bit of the weekend, well, away, it's hard to be amongst the madness again.

Thursday I had the delicious pleasure of a day of pampering from my friends over at the Spa. I was treated with Swedish massage, face-lift massage, pedicure, haircut, color and highlights all while sipping cocktails. Did I mention massage? And cocktails too! Positively fabulush! Not to mention my new do is awesome! I was treated with a product called Caribbean Therapy, which is some sort of concoction made of sugar cane extract and massaged with several AVEDA body oils. Fantastic! I have been told on occasion throughout life I should seek therapy, I had no idea how great this would be. I may need to see my therapist weekly.


  1. ByDsea,
    man that is some kinda latte, you musta read about my magic mushrooms, lol.

  2. That sure sounds heavenly! I love 'em massages. Haven't had my Swedish massage in a while and I miss it. They're great stress buster.

  3. Bob, Yes I did, and a great story it was!
    Hugs back atcha!

    Zen Mama, Heavenly indeed!

  4. That sounds unbelieveably wonderful. I've never had a massage. I know, I shouldn't admit that, but there you go.

  5. Just had to stop by and take a peek at a fellow sea lover! My favorite sound has to be waves coming into the shore. Beautiful. Thanks for hitching up to my blog. I am returning the gesture. See you again, soon!

  6. lol. that picture is fantastic. And I'll have one too.

    Visiting you from SITS--have a great day!

  7. Wow.
    All that in ONE day?
    It sounds fabulous AND exhausting. Nothing like having to take a nap from a day at the Spa.

    I'll me one of them Latte's if you got any to spare...

  8. hadda check back in, just makin sure you made it,lol
    big hugs

  9. Ha ha "Vodka keeps me from killing people" my thoughts exactly!

    Kate x