Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Dryer Incident

Laundry is really not an interesting topic, especially, in my household. As you recall, I’ve mentioned the large quantities of occupants I dwell with, so the sound of a continual washing machine is commonplace around here. Last night, the dryer broke. It just stopped. No more bellowing out the sounds of shoes thudding inside or a zipper clanking. Just call a repair man and have it fixed, you say. End. of. story.

I wish it were that simple.

My Father, "The Bishop" is quite worthy of repairing many things. He has decided he will repair the dryer.
I'm quietly doing some research in another part of the house when I am summoned to the Laundry room. Upon my arrival, I find the dryer is completely disassembled. There is a giant hollow tube in the middle of the room that looks something like a metal barrel without ends on it. This is obviously the spinning device used to circulate the clothes. Even I can asses this. There is also two sides and a bottom of what once looked like a dryer. My father is standing behind the shell of what is left  holding a small black box with some sort of gauge on it and wires extending from it to the dryer. This is a multi-meter I am told. Something to do with measuring voltage or ohms or something. Anyway, he is testing the dryer and needs me to push the button, his hands are full. We determine whatever he is testing is working just fine. He informs me he will be moving the dryer and all of its remaining pieces into the garage, (with the spare refrigerator, I mind you) to continue his exploratory surgery and since "Gadget" has moved in, we can use his dryer until ours is back in service. He'll bring it in from the garage. Great. Case closed.
This afternoon, I walk out into the garage and find "the bishop" hunched over sandpapering his dolly. (a two-wheeled device used to move heavy objects). Without word, I look around and the garage has been transformed into what appears to be a surgical room for a junkyard.

Against my better judgment, I ask, "what are you doing, dad"

“What does it look like I'm doing!  I'm sandpapering rust spots off my dolly.”

“What about the dryer?”

“The dolly has to be painted before It can be used to move the dryer.” 

Again against my better judgment, Why?

“Well. because. it. looks. bad.”

(This is where I really show my stupidty).

"So does the dryer, now."


  1. Hi! Popping over from SITS Roll Call to visit. I knew as soon as I read your profile and then saw your header, I knew you would be a hoot!

    Actually, your dad sounds a lot like me. I constantly start one thing and then get distracted by another. Well, all I can say is I hope that you were researching new dryers!!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. LOL I never knew you couldn't use the dolly unless it looked nice. Lesson learned. It might be easier for you if you just throw your appliances out now and start churning your own butter. :) Great post.

  3. Great post - have a good weekend!

    Kate x

  4. Thank goodness you had a spare dryer. A good looking dolly is very important. You wouldn't wnat your dad to get the reputation of hanging out with ugly dollies, would you?

  5. Well well well... They just think differently than we do don't they.... Has to be painted. First. Good luck there!

  6. thanks for your sweet comments on my special SITS day. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply it's madness how many commenters I got.
    LOVE IT! I hope you had time to enter my giveaways!
    SEE you soon, The Buzz- Brandy